Restore · Repurpose · Rehabilitate

FIXT is the juxtaposition of strength mixed with vulnerability and the double meaning of the word “healing”—of both people and the planet. Its brand voice is friendly and warm while oozing confidence and expertise. FIXT connects people and solutions with an ethos in sustainability.
Competencies & Values

FIXT combines meaningful design with a community-focused passion to help others. Our mission is to support numerous local charities within the community by channeling the proceeds from the sale of repurposed furniture through an innovative and sustainable program.

Offer & Services

FIXT is a nonprofit that rescues and rejuvenates discarded furniture pieces that would otherwise end up in landfills. Through creative repurposing, we breathe new life into these items for those who will live among them. FIXT aims to go beyond environmental conservation. Our goal is to generate much-needed funds for local charities (through Adopt a Chair) and various trade workshops. We are committed to being a resource for others to become FIXT—or whole again.


At the heart of FIXT is Rosana, whose background inspires her team to be truly transformative.
As a certified color expert, she uses the unique experience of color psychology coupled with her design expertise to create with intent and meaning. Her vendor relationships and education are unmatched; no one else can do what
FIXT sets out to do in Las Vegas.

furniture upcycling

Committed to the environmentally responsible practice of upcycling and repurposing furniture by preventing landfill waste.

recycled fabrics

We are dedicated to sustainability by sourcing our fabrics from textile mills, furniture manufacturers and donations.


Our organization is designed to be self-sustaining, generating revenue through the sale of repurposed pieces.

Giving Back

We plan to share our profits with other local charities, reinforcing our commitment to the community's well-being.

Our Mission

Our ultimate mission is to be a beacon of sustainability and demonstrate the value of responsible practices.


We plan to generate additional revenue by offering upholstery classes, furniture refinishing, and woodworking classes to the public.

Key Messages

Like the furnishings we repurpose, FIXT helps people get the  tools and resources they need to design a beautiful and healthy life. Our unwavering commitment is to pave the way for a sustainable future while enhancing the overall well-being of the community. FIXT repurposes discarded furnishings into pieces that are specifically designed to create a healing, hopeful environment. 

What is our WHY?

Drawing on her own life experiences, Rosana created FIXT because everyone deserves to be repurposed, healed, and fixed. She is inspired to break the cycle of abuse and motivated by giving back, joined by a team of people who embrace style, sustainability, and substance.